Welcome to Bharathi cement.

Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited: A producer of superior quality cement setting new standards in construction and is a subsidiary of Vicat Group in India.

BCCPL was founded by the promoters of Sakshi Telugu Daily & Sakshi TV, under the chairmanship of Smt. Y.S. Bharathi Reddy and professionals with wide experience in Power, Cement, Infrastructure and Aggregates.
BCCPL delivers a production capacity of over 5 Million Tonnes per annum with an ultra-modern manufacturing facility located at Nallalingayapalli, in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh, and marketing its cement under brand name of “BHARATHI CEMENT” since 2009.

As a part of its forward integration strategy, formed two subsidiary businesses, namely Bharathi Polymers (Laminated PP bag manufacturing unit) and Mines & Rock Pvt. Ltd (Aggregates division).


“Bharathi Cement is a very good supplier that treats us right with a sales staff that is always friendly and helpful. Their terminal and plant are very clean and safe; they load our trucks quickly so we can get back on the road. Bharhati always has the material when we need it, and I like their cement as well any product that I’ve ever used.”
“In 1999 when our family construction company ventured out to start a ready mix division Bharathi Cement Company was there to provide cement to us. Now in our 3rd generation of ready mix, Bharathi Cement Company is still providing quality controlled cement to us.”